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Audition Announcement

December 20, 2022

Casting for
I AM: Muslim/American

Long Wharf Theatre, with generous support from the Building Bridges Program at the Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art, is holding non-union auditions for a community-centered film project titled I AM: Muslim/American. Connecticut-based artists Halima Flynn (Director) and Aaliyah Miller (writer) have teamed up with Andre Griffith (Director of Photography) to explore the American Muslim experience.

The Project

I AM: Muslim/American
a film produced by Long Wharf Theatre
Written by Aaliyah Miller
Directed by Halima Flynn
Inspired by interviews with Muslims throughout Connecticut

Filming will take place in New Haven, CT from January 19 through February 5. This is a non-union, paid opportunity. 

To Audition


Submission Form

Complete the online submission form.

Please upload a current photo of yourself and resume or brief bio and provide a link to your video (unlisted YouTube or password protected Vimeo preferred). If your video is password protected, please set the password to NHPP22. If you are unable to provide a link to your video, please label your video file YOURNAME-NHPP22 (ex: BradPitt-NHPP22) and upload it to this form. If you have any trouble with this submission process or need any type of support or guidance, please email

For your audition material, prepare 1 or 2 sides (see Casting Breakdown, below):

Total audition video should not exceed 5 minutes. If you cannot submit a video, please contact us and we will provide assistance.


Rachel Alderman, Associate Artistic Director
Cheyenne Barboza, Artistic Associate, Community

Casting Breakdown 

JOHN – 70s/White/Man
A Muslim convert during height of Black Panther movement, 1960s. Former Catholic, retired teacher, father and grandfather. Converted to Islam because it helps give him a sense of pride, purpose and focus on improving his life as well as helping others in the community.

KADISHA – 20s/Indian American/Woman
First generation American Muslim. Born and raised in Connecticut. Mechanical engineer working her first job out of college. Single and oldest child. Wears a hijab.

FARAH – 50s/Afghan American/ Woman
Asylum seeker, highly educated, worked low-wage jobs with her husband to provide for family when they immigrated. Eventually returned to school in the US to get her master’s degree and open her own business.

IZZA – 40s/African American/Woman
Raised Muslim by parents who converted in the mid-1970s. School teacher and dancer. Grew up with a strong sense of pride in her African heritage. Doesn’t wear hijab.

JASMINE – 20s/ Puerto Rican & Haitian/Non-Binary (pronouns: She/Her/They/Them)
Super friendly. Former Catholic, converted to Islam during college. Works as an Uber Driver. Wears a turban style hijab.

RAFAEL – Teens-20s/Lebanese and Black/Man
Raised Muslim and identifies as Muslim, but no longer practices the religion. Loves the outdoors, fasts for Ramadan, sometimes drinks alcohol in social situations. Seems serious but is friendly with a great sense of humor. Is a Computer Engineer. 

JAY – Age 16-20s/White/Boy
Was considered ‘youth-at-risk’ when growing up. Family involved with drug dealing, was isolated from his peers, didn’t fit in at home or at school.  He was inspired to convert to Islam, looked up to his teacher John as a role-model of a life well lived.