Established in 1965 at the start of the regional theatre movement, Long Wharf Theatre was born on the notion that New Haven deserves an active arts culture that is locally created. Our founders shared the dream of starting a professional theatre company in Connecticut, built with the aid of community leaders and supporters of the arts.

In 2022, Long Wharf Theatre announced the departure from its longtime space at Sargent Drive to begin a new Path Forward — the start of an exciting next chapter of bringing theatre to spaces and stages across Greater New Haven.

Our company has received national and international renown, recognized for a historic commitment to commissioning, developing, and producing new work and serving as a beloved artistic home for playwrights, directors, designers, and performers.

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Founding leaders of Long Wharf Theatre gathered for an “Insider’s Night” in 1965.

Staff of Long Wharf Theatre, dressed in yellow shirts and carrying an installation made of multi-colored ribbons, arrives on Audubon Street.

Staff arrives at the Audubon Arts District during the HOME(COMING) Block Party.

Jacob G. Padrón, Artistic Director

what we stand for

Kaleidoscopic Partnerships

  • Kaleidoscopic Partnerships
  • Artistic Innovation
  • Radical Inclusion

Long Wharf Theatre is a leading incubator of new work, creating the future of theatre by offering resources, workshopping, and a receptive audience to emerging and established playwrights. From our organizational culture to our role in community partnerships, we live by our guiding ethos: “Theatre is for everyone.”

Mission Statement: Long Wharf Theatre is dedicated to producing boundary-breaking theatre with and for its many, kaleidoscopic communities.

Vision Statement: Theatre for everyone.


How can the life-giving joys of theatre connect us all?

We are creating an American theatre that embraces storytelling as a means for producing societal change. Theatre is a uniquely communal art connecting the written word to the visual and performing arts. Theatre allows for radical inclusion and collective catharsis. When we look at characters on a stage, we see ourselves and our neighbors. We bear witness to our shared humanity and accept an invitation to live connected, art-filled lives. 

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