Our Team

Hope Chávez

Director of Artistic Planning (she/her) Ext. 248

Cheyenne Barboza

ARTISTIC ASSOCIATE, Community (she/her) Ext. 202

Kate Moore Heaney

Artistic Associate, Literary she/her

Joey Reyes

Line Producer (they/them) Ext. 233

Betzabeth Castro

Artistic Assistant (she/her)

Max Hunt

Company Manager he/him

Mildred Ruiz-Sapp

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Playwright-in-Residence (she/her)

Steven Sapp

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Playwright-in-Residence (he/him)

Awoye Timpo

Artistic Ensemble (she/her)

Bryce Pinkham

Artistic Ensemble (he/him)

Dane Figueroa Edidi

Artistic Ensemble (she/her)

Dexter J. Singleton

Artistic Ensemble (he/him)

Jenny Koons

Artistic Ensemble (she/her)

Mason Alexander Park

Artistic Ensemble (they/them)

Madeline Sayet

Artistic Ensemble (she/her)

Ryan J. Haddad

Artistic Ensemble (he/him)

Carolyn Stockage

Patron Services Manager (she/her) Ext. 202

Da’twan Smith

PATRON SERVICES associate he/him

Maig Smith

PATRON SERVICES associate she/her

Nancy Meguerditchian

Director of Finance (she/her) Ext. 209

Emily Goeler

Associate General Manager (she/her) Ext. 206

Geoffrey Molloy

AP/AR Specialist (he/him) Ext. 268

Ann M.K. McLaughlin

Institutional Giving Consultant (she/her) Ext. 234

Angela Nietopski

Development Operations Manager (she/her) Ext. 257

Jacob G. Padrón

Artistic Director (he/him)

Kit Ingui

Managing Director (she/her)

Patricia Evans

Executive Assistant she/her

Jill H. Coulter

Database Marketing Manager (she/her) Ext. 210

Winnie Palay

Graphic Designer (she/her)

Katrina Frances Lewonczyk

Operations Manager (she/any) Ext. 252

Kenneth Murray

OPERATIONS associate he/him

Nicole Bouclier

Director of Production (she/her) Ext. 251

Dylan Callery

Technical Director (he/him) Ext. 274

Allison Backhaus

Charge Scenic Artist (she/her) Ext. 263

Brian Fagan

Properties Manager (he/him) Ext. 388

Caitlin Dalton

Costume Shop Manager (she/her) Ext. 230