M4M DOORS BLOG A center piece of Fiasco Theater’s production of Measure for Measure are the different doors that line the stage. Noah Brody, co-director of the production, discusses how the company came up with the idea. As we worked on the play - and we work on the play for a long time without casting it so we heard it over and over again - we came to realize that one of the thing that defines Measure for Measure is that it has to do with city life. And its about city questions and city problems. There are spaces in which people from many strata of society co-exist. It doesn’t matter where you come from, we all end up there someday. A courtroom. A church. A jail cell. A brothel. The city street itself. These are places we have to co-exist. They are often public spaces or semi-private spaces. There are very few private spaces in this place. That felt like the city to us. This isn’t the backwoods or Arcadia. What does that mean for our production conceptualization? We thought of doors. When I think of the city I think of the street and a series of doors. Think of a courtroom door. Is whats going on behind there on the up and up? Is the legal system as its purported to be, or as it attempts, actually happening? Or, are we witness the breakdown? Same is true of the church doors. Sure, it should aspire to the highest ideas, but what is in fact happening is the opposite.