[caption id="attachment_560" align="aligncenter" width="300"]John Lithgow returns to Long Wharf Theatre John Lithgow returns to Long Wharf Theatre[/caption] Gala 2014 Presenting Sponsor FirstNiagaraFoundationLogo John Lithgow came to Long Wharf Theatre in 1973 to perform in David Storey's "The Changing Room," and perhaps direct some projects for then-Artistic Director Arvin Brown. He was, at that point in his young career, a journeyman actor finding steady and perhaps meaningful work in regional theatres. “It felt like home. I was perfectly prepared to work there for the rest of my life,” Lithgow wrote about Long Wharf Theatre in his recent memoir "Drama: An Actor's Education." [caption id="attachment_561" align="aligncenter" width="280"]A young John Lithgow in his Tony Award performance in The Changing Room A young John Lithgow in his Tony Award performance in The Changing Room[/caption] "The Changing Room" changed his life. Three weeks after his Broadway debut, Lithgow won a Tony Award, launching a beloved and prolific career on stage and screen. Lithgow will return home, so to speak, in June, performing his one man show, Stories by Heart at Long Wharf Theatre's 2014 Gala. Invoking memories of his grandmother and father before him, Mr. Lithgow traces his roots as an actor and storyteller, interspersing his own story with a great story read to him and his siblings when they were children – "Uncle Fred Flits By" by P.G. Wodehouse. In the Wodehouse tale, a fretful young Englishman is taken on a wild afternoon’s escapade in suburban London by his irrepressible uncle. In a hilarious tour de force, Lithgow performs with zany abandon, portraying ten distinct, outrageous characters (including a parrot). Gala tickets start at $300. Limited number of performance only tickets may be available in May. Invitations to the Gala are available by calling 203.772.8234 or emailing kathy.cihi@longwharf.org.