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The LAB: Julie Piñero


Jun 15, 2022

7:00 pm



About the Program

Join us on Wednesday, June 15 for The LAB curated by Julie Piñero.

“Hum” by Julie Piñero
At 10 years old, Julie discovered that her body had a physical urge to ask itself, “what will happen next?”. When she couldn’t find an answer in her uncertain world, her body gave her one: a hum. But when her hum was diagnosed as mild Tourette’s syndrome, medication took it away. She was left with a question, no answer, and a quest to find something – or someone – who could reunite her with that mysterious good feeling.

Almost 1% of the American population has the tic disorder Tourette’s syndrome, yet half of that group has such mild tics that they live their entire life untreated and undiagnosed. This piece is an immersive invitation into the mystery of living with – and without – mild tourettes. Rather than getting rid of our tics, what if we create a world where tic-ing wasn’t inherently wrong?

The LAB is a free public event held each month. These events are curated by local and national artists who are in residency at our theatre the month prior to their event. The subjects that are explored in The LAB are as dynamic as the artists that host them. In a year where change is the status quo, join The LAB for an empowering venture into curiosity, innovation, and creation in real-time.

Resident Artists

Julie Piñero is a Brooklyn-based writer, comedian and multimedia producer. She’s best known for the 2021 Zoom-native solo show she wrote, directed and performed, “Delejos (from afar)”. In the show, Julie blends standup comedy, live music and an at-home VR experience in her immersive exploration of grief and forced separation in the pandemic era. The show was covered by the LA Times, Playbill, Insider and Remezcla. Julie produces Audible’s annual LGBTQ+ comedy podcast special, along with podcasts from comedians Kate Willett and Mo Welch, rapper Common and Mayor of Newark Ras Baraka. She was formerly a video journalist at HuffPost, where she covered the swell of women running for first-time office in the 2018 midterms, including a doc profile on Deb Haaland and the campaign behind AOC. She was also a culture video producer at Thrillist, where her work centered around the weird and wild world of Latinx subcultures across the US, including the docu-series she sold to Bustelo, “Barrio, U.S.A”.

Isabella is a creator, producer and writer based in Los Angeles. She received her BA at Macalester (class of 2016) and her Master’s from Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism, where she also taught as an adjunct assistant professor after graduating. She’s worked on podcasts – like Undone, The Nod, Mogul, and Everything is Alive – for a bunch of places like Gimlet, The New York Times, The Ringer and Radiotopia. She has also reported for Latino USA and Marketplace. At present she is a full-time development executive at Audible Originals creating both non-fiction and scripted audio series. When she’s not making audio she is dancing, prancing and working hard to be a semi-professional clown.

Caitlin is a video creator and event curator based out of Brooklyn, NY. She has worked on the video teams at HuffPost, Bravo Digital, and Conde Nast, and specializes in documentary storytelling. She loves to curate events that bring people together over food. Caitlin worked with Julie on her one-woman zoom performance Delejos