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The LAB: The Illustrious Blacks (example)


Sep 10, 2021

1:00 pm



About the Program

Join us on Friday, June 11 for The LAB curated by The Illustrious Blacks. The LAB is a free public event on the second Friday of each month. These events are curated by local and national artists who are in residency at our theatre the month prior to their event. The subjects that are explored in The LAB are as dynamic as the artists that host them. In a year where change is the status quo, join The LAB for an empowering venture into curiosity, innovation, and creation in real-time.

Once upon a time in a galaxy not far away, there lived two kings. Each was the ruler of his own deliciously glorious planet. The first king, Manchildblack, was well known throughout the cosmos for his ethereal vocals, celestial sonics and earthy musical messages. The other king, Monstah Black, was a star in the solar system for his gravity-defying performances, gender-bending fashions and spacey disposition. One magical night, an inexplicable ultra magnetic pull forced the two planets to collide. A technicolored explosion occurred, turning night in today, with a feast of aural and visual delights. It was then that the universe was changed forever. Manchildblack and Monstah Black united and became The Illustrious Blacks.

–The Illustrious Blacks‘ Origin Story

Resident Artists

The real-life married couple are not only co -pilots on their artistic voyage but are united in their fantastical journey through life. In 2017, the duo The New York Times called Bed-Stuy’s “favorite creative couple,” released their highly anticipated debut EP, Neo AfroFuturistic Psychedelic SurrealisticHippy, on Concierge Records. The EP featured the high-energy single “Blast Off,” the seductive “Red Light,” the thought-provoking “Delusions of Grandeur” and the anthemic “Black Like Jesus,” whose music video premiered on Subsequent singles followed: The joyous “Revolutionary Love” was released to major praise from Paper and Out. “The Void (Let the Music Set U Free)” is their latest dance floor filler and one of the most popular songs performed in their electrifying live performances. By 2020, The Illustrious Blacks were the subject of a VICE News piece, launched the YouTube program Hype Life w/The Illustrious Blacks, collaborated on a stunning visual clip for Phillips Auction/Gallery, and put the final touches on a third EP to be released in June of 2021.