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Stage Squad: After-Party


Jun 25, 2022

2:00 pm

Stage Squad: After-Party

Stage Squad is supported by The Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation,
The Ethel & Abe Lapides Foundation, and Ruby Melton & Gail McAvay


It’s 1978, four friends obsessed with Saturday Night Fever, go to a disco after the prom. But between these friendships lie layers of love, jealousy and obsession. By the end of the evening, one of them is murdered. Now the three remaining friends become suspects. Someone’s guilty and the truth will be revealed, one way or another.


Each school year, 9-12th grade students from New Haven Public Schools interested in understanding the inner workings of a non-profit theatre company—and influencing the future of its programming—are invited to join the Stage Squad. Stage Squad cohorts are fully immersed in the world of professional theatre making and tasked with interrogating the possibilities for a new American theatre.

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Full Credits

Jeremiah Godley is a CT based actor/dancer/ singer and has been showcasing talent since the eighth grade. He has experience in many forms of acting including Shakespeare, Disney, film, and commercial work. Previous credits include Macbeth (Macbeth) and As You Like It (Balthazar) with Elm Shakespeare Company, Motown (Stevie Wonder/Frankie Lyman) with ConnCat, and he has created content for District Arts and Education. Jeremiah thanks the Long Wharf Theatre for giving him this opportunity. He is so proud of all the hard work Stage Squad has done and cannot wait to see the future that lies ahead!

Tain “Raven” Gregory is a senior at Cooperative Arts and Humanities High School and has been performing in musicals and shows since he was eight years old with companies such as Broadway Method Academy and NewArts. Tain also enjoys cosplaying at conventions and performing in cosplay idol showcases and is working toward becoming a full-time cosplay idol.

Puma Haug is a dedicated designer for this performance of After-Party. Puma has been dedicating time to costume design and creation since they were in elementary school. Every year they help create their Halloween costume and have created several unique characters. Past works include Echo of a Crimson Fate (Artist, Director, Writer and Designer) and Baby with the Bathwater (Kate). Puma is excited to work with Stage Squad and is honored to be a part of the creation of After-Party.

Juliette Lao has previously worked as a scriptwriter and illustrator for the Arts and Ideas fellowship exhibition where her work was presented. She also participated in the Yale Acting Program & Arts Program over the summer. Juliette would like to pursue graphic design and animation while continuing to work and learn more about theatre and film. She is super proud of the work she was able to create with all her Stage Squad peers and is so grateful for the opportunity to work with the mentors, Betzabeth, and her talented peers!

Nina Laverty is a senior at Wilbur Cross High School and Educational Center for the Arts and will be attending University of Connecticut, majoring in Psychological Sciences and a minor in Theatre in the fall.  She has been acting and singing for 14 years and has received awards from Access Broadway and Turn it Around, and was recently nominated for best actress for the Halo Awards and the Stephen Sondheim Awards. Some of her roles include Hecuba in Trojan Barbie, Woman One in Songs for a New World, and Ellie Blake in Freaky Friday.  She has recently started directing her first piece, The Waiting Room by Genevieve Peters, and is excited to be the director for After-Party.

Shelagh Laverty is a singer, actor, writer, and senior at Wilbur Cross High School and Educational Center for the Arts. She’s been in productions such as Shine Again, Freaky Friday (Elle), Everybody as Everybody, and Woman 1 in Songs for a New World and has been performing for 14 years. She will be attending the University of Connecticut as a Journalism and Communications double major next fall. She is so excited to be given this opportunity and she would like to thank her family, friends, Long Wharf Theatre and her sister, Nina.

Liliana McIntosh is an 11th-grade student at Common Ground High School. She mainly revolves her life around academics, going out with her friends, and most of all, acting. She took an early Shakespeare college class at Southern Connecticut State University where she performed as Viola in Twelfth Night.

Tiara Pagan is a junior attending New Haven Academy.  Tiara also has experience in her drama class doing mouth warm-ups and learning the ways of theatre and many other things. She is very excited to be doing this play and so proud of how everything was created.

Amanda Sykes-Quirk has previous experience in acting, including Angela in Baby with the Bathwater. She thanks everyone for coming and hopes they enjoy the show