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A Black Woman, A Black Mother


Oct 7, 2021

7:00 pm



Program Description

“A Black Woman, a Black Mother” was created through feelings of frustration for the mothers of children of color. Black mother’s who work hard, pray hard, and dream everyday that their children survive another day.

Poem Written by
IfeMichelle Gardin (she/her)

Filmed and Edited by
Maher Mahmood (he/him)

Performed by
Tamika Pettway (she/her)

Premieres Thursday, October 7 at 7PM EST

The Play Writers Festival was made possible by the support of The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Show Credits

IfeMichelle Gardin is a native New Havener who has been a cultural curator with a family legacy of advocacy in the African American community. From attending Bowen-Peters School of Dance to managing the Unique Boutique (New Haven’s first African American beauty supply store), Ife has been involved in promoting the arts and expanding cultural awareness.

Tamika Pettway is a New Haven native. Her credits include Collective Consciousness Theatre: Skeleton Crew (“Faye”), The Royale (“Nina”), Sunset Baby (“Nina”), Milk Like Sugar (“Myrna”); Elm Shakespeare Company: The Comedy of Errors (“Courtesan”), Romeo and Juliet (“Prince Escalus”); From a Tropical Space (“Tia”), Good Grief (“Ellis”), Blood Descendants (“Janet Moore”); and others. Tamika is an actress committed to authenticity, she studied theatre arts at Eastern Connecticut State University where she earned her bachelor’s degree.

Maher Mahmood is a photographer, videographer, and Iraqi refuge who uses his talents to tell his story and the stories of those around him. Since the age of thirteen, photography has been Maher’s passion—a passion that has given him purpose that he’s poured his heart and soul into. When Maher’s family fled the war in Iraq, leaving everything behind, they first arrived in Jordan. He used his camera lens to capture his experience as a refugee. In 2014, his family was welcomed into the United States and New Haven, Connecticut became his new home. For the past five years, Maher has had the privilege of helping people capture the moments most important to them including graduations, weddings, and the growth of their families. Maher’s grateful for opportunities to learn from fellow artists from around the world, including former colleagues at Google and Yale, and for helping his grow his love of photography, film, and marketing. Photography and video will forever be Maher’s passion and purpose.