Commitment to Equity and Inclusion

Updated January 2021

We believe in the power of theatre to strengthen communities. As a company dedicated to artistic innovation, radical inclusion, and meaningful connection, we hold ourselves accountable for establishing artistic and work environments rooted in antiracist practices and mutual respect. We believe that art and activism can live side by side. As a theatre community, we are committed to being an antiracist organization that makes collaboration, equity, diversity, and inclusion central to our core values.

Onstage and off, we are committed to reflecting the extraordinary diversity of our society, including the Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) community in Greater New Haven. We use our stages to amplify the voices of artists and creators who have long lacked fair access. We stand for values and engage in antidiscrimination practices that are radically inclusive across identities, including race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, life circumstance, age, physical and mental capacity, educational background, and legal status.

Long Wharf Theatre is an active leader in bridging divisions between individuals and groups, in local and national communities, through productions, programs, and daily practice. We engage in dialogue that is challenging, empathetic, and constructive. Long Wharf Theatre is a place where all community members belong, and are heard, understood, valued—and connected with one another.

We challenge systems of power that have silenced some voices for too long. This work is never-ending. Together and individually, we continue to learn and practice how to be just and equitable in artistic productions, processes, policies, and behaviors.

Specifically, we commit to:

Transparency and Inclusivity

  • We continue to build a board and staff whose composition reflects our community.
  • We maintain an environment that is equitable, emotionally safe and broadly accessible for our communities, audiences, staff, and board.
  • We accept discomfort in the service of learning and we engage with one another in a spirit of courage, honesty, and kindness.

Antiracist Work

  • We devote time and loving attention to antiracist work and learning in meetings and personal interactions.
  • We support our leaders and colleagues of color with intention and care.


  • Each board and staff member will review and affirm a statement of commitment to these principles each year.
  • We will continue to have standing board and staff committees charged with supporting this work for the whole organization. We hold ourselves individually and collectively accountable for learning and progress.
  • We commit financial resources every year to this work. We will assess and publicly share progress in meeting our goals to advance antiracism.
  • Through our actions, we will demonstrate informed, authentic leadership for equity and justice.