Long Wharf Theatre Welcomes Cathy Edwards and Rob Esposito to the Board of Directors

June 20, 2023

New board members Cathy Edwards and Rob Esposito.

Long Wharf Theatre is pleased to announce the election of two new members to the Board of Directors: cultural strategist and nonprofit arts leader Cathy Edwards and theatre educator and director Rob Esposito.

Edwards and Esposito were elected at the May and January 2023 Board meetings, respectively and will join Long Wharf Theatre’s Board of Directors, a group of 23 civic, corporate and community leaders from across Greater New Haven who are guiding the organization as it implements an innovative, inclusive model of theatre.

“Cathy Edwards and Rob Esposito will make tremendous additions to Long Wharf Theatre’s Board of Directors and we are grateful to welcome them both,” said Nancy Alexander, Board Chair. “Cathy brings extensive experience as a philanthropist, business leader and arts administrator at organizations across the region and nationally. Rob’s passion for arts education and impressive list of directing credits will be a great asset to our Board. At what is an historic moment for this institution, proven leaders like Cathy and Rob will play a crucial role in helping to write Long Wharf’s next chapter.”

Under Alexander’s leadership, the board has undergone a number of changes including the removal of the mandatory give-get requirement for members and an enhanced focus on equity, inclusion, and diversity.

In 2022, the board oversaw the transition into Long Wharf Theatre’s bold new model of presenting works at venues across Greater New Haven. Later this month, the theatre is set to announce its 2023-2024 season, which will present a full body of work under the new model for the first time.

“Long Wharf Theatre is a storied institution that’s been an integral part of New Haven’s cultural fabric for nearly six decades and I am honored to join its board,” said Cathy Edwards, incoming board member. “I am eager to work alongside my fellow board members at such an exciting time and look forward to continuing to bolster Long Wharf’s mission of producing and presenting bold works.”

“Beyond being a top-notch, nationally-recognized regional theatre, Long Wharf Theatre has been a beacon for our entire community for generations and joining its board is a great privilege,” said Rob Esposito, incoming board member. “Now, more than ever, we have a responsibility to steward Long Wharf for the next generation of New Haveners and theatre-lovers. I can’t wait to get to work and join this inspiring group of community leaders.”

The Long Wharf Theatre Board of Directors is led by Chair Nancy Alexander; Vice-Chair William J. Aseltyne, Esq.; Secretary Babz Rawls Ivy; and Treasurer Jenny Carrillo, PhD. Members of the Board: Kenneth Boroson; Gail Brekke; Diane Brown; Lee Cruz; Barbara Franke; James D. Horwitz; Jacqueline Koral; Treneé McGee; Ruby H. Melton; Victor Padilla-Taylor; Joseph Roach; John Rose, Jr., Esq.; Constance Royster, JD; Errol C. Saunders, II; Anita Sharif-Hyder; Cathy Edwards and Rob Esposito. Artistic Director Jacob G. Padrón and Managing Director Kit Ingui serve as ex officio Members; and Anne Schenck serves as Honorary Founding Trustee.