fiasco ensemble blogWhen William Shakespeare got together with Ned Alleyn, the Burbage family, and a couple of other actors to start the Lord Chamberlain’s Men, they were one of the first examples of a time honored tradition that has been passed down to the present day – the talented theatrical collective. Fiasco Theater, a group of friends and Trinity/Brown University alumni currently performing Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure, are part of that long lineage. “There are a lot of ways to go about this business we are all in. One way is to go out looking for work and hope that someone hires us. There are others who band together with their friends and like minded artists to make their own work. Over the last 100 years, the theatre has been deeply influenced by the latter impulse,” said Artistic Director Gordon Edelstein. Here are just a few examples of that trend: Fiasco Theater, with its innovative and personal take on Shakespeare, finds itself as the proud inheritor of a rich tradition.