studio-school-16-blog-pic “Number 23: Don’t say “Bless you” when they sneeze, refuse to say it when they insist.” “24! Insist on learning to play the piano, when they enroll you insist that you want to learn to play guitar instead.” “And finally, 25: Follow them around, refuse to tell them what you want.” “And that’s 25 ways to really, really, really annoy your parents!” With that, Holden Buckley, Tristan Ward, and Dean Paglino, brimming with enthusiasm, declared the end of their scene. The audience (of mostly parents) laughed and applauded. studio-school-16-blog-pic-3 This was the opening scene of a performance by young actors enrolled in Long Wharf Education’s Studio School program. Students who participated in the class, An Actor’s Showcase, presented scenes and monologues they had been working on for seven weeks in front an audience of friends and family in one of Long Wharf’s rehearsal halls. studio-school-16-blog-pic-2 The scenes were a combination of previously published work and pieces that the students created themselves. Jake McPhee, Noah Sonenstein, and CJ Linton worked on apiece about fighting the zombie apocalypse and added their own dramatic flair. “Remember folks, always keep your brains where they belong: IN. YOUR. HEAD. The first Studio School classes of 2017 have been announced! Click HERE for more information and registration. studio-school-16-blog-pic-4- Eliza Orleans