Max Wolkowitz as Reuven in THE CHOSEN Tech rehearsal can be, for many actors, the most tedious part of the rehearsal process. There is a lot of standing around, waiting for the show’s technical elements to come together. Run crews are being put through their paces. Tech can be a lot of hurry up and wait. Necessary, certainly, but jarring nonetheless. All the careful work an actor has done in the cloistered rehearsal hall can come apart quickly the first time the lights are turned on. Max Wolkowitz, playing Reuven Malter in The Chosen, loves it. “It’s my favorite part of rehearsal,” he said. The actors and the director have built something in the rehearsal room that is just an idea. “We’ve really delved into the emotional lives of the characters and the story. But it isn’t until you get into tech that everything comes together,” he said. Wolkowitz knows that many actors find tech boring or challenging – the antithesis of a place for them to craft character. But Max is looking for any chance to continue shaping Reuven, a thoughtful and compassionate young man who is trying to approach the world in a deep and meaningful way. “For me it is a real opportunity to do another kind of work outside the scrutiny of the director because their focus is elsewhere. I can really start to refine during tech what you are building in the rehearsal room,” he said. Above: Max Wolkowitz as Reuven in THE CHOSEN Photo: T. Charles Erickson