Wiley_art1 Long Wharf Theatre is seeking Non-Equity performers for its upcoming Next Stage production of Wiley and the Hairy Man, by Suzan Zeder, directed by Artistic Resident Eliza Orleans. Auditions will take place March 15 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Actors should bring a headshot and resume and be prepared to read from the script. Appointments are suggested and can be made by calling 203-787-4282. Callbacks will take place by invitation on March19 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Rehearsals begin the second week in April. The performances take place May 16-23, 2014. Wiley and the Hairy Man was written by four-time Distinguished Play Award by the American Alliance of Theatre winner, Suzan Zeder. It’s the story of a boy who uses his cunning to face his greatest fear, the Hairy Man. "I'm passionate about working in a collaborative environment. The message of Wiley is so universal. It's a play about facing your fears, so I'm interested in everyone's insights about that topic. This show is a great opportunity for actors with movement experience, but I am open to incorporating individual talents into the show, such as music, puppetry, and other skills,” Orleans said. The hunt is on in this tale of family, bravery, and magic. Wiley lives with his mother in the backwater. He isn’t afraid of anything, except the legendary and fearsome Hairy Man who roams the mysterious swamp. But with the help of his faithful dog, a little magic from his mother, and his own wits, Wiley will turn the hunter into the hunted. When Wiley comes face to face with the Hairy Man, he must learn to stand up for himself and face his greatest fear head on. This family friendly performance combines humor, adventure, and a great lesson into a wonderful evening of entertainment. The Next Stage program is a program for early career theatre professionals. For more information, call 203-787-4282 or visit www.longwharf.org. CHARACTER BREAKDOWN Wiley (Male, 18 – 25) A young boy who lives with his mother in the Swamp. Mischievous and cunning, though completely terrified of the Hairy Man. He has trouble remembering the magical spells that his mother has taught him and tries to use her teaching and his own smarts to conquer his greatest fear. Mama (Female, 25 – 35) Wiley’s mother, and the best conjure woman in the Southwest. She is magical, mysterious, and wise. She seems to have a potion or spell for every problem. Mama loves her son and wants to help him in his quest to fight the Hairy Man, but she also knows that he needs to learn how to fight his own battles. The Hairy Man (Male, 18 – 35) The legendary bad guy of the Swamp, and Wiley’s greatest fear. Mean and menacing, though a little clumsy. He has conjuring powers and uses them to battle both Wiley and Mama. Dog (Male or female, 18 – 35) Wiley’s dog and best friend. Energetic, adventurous, and fast. He helps Wiley navigate the Swamp and battle the Hairy Man. Chorus (A group of 2 – 4 actors, male or female, 18 – 35) Magical beings of the Swamp.  The Chorus narrates the action of the play and provides the soundscape of the environment.  When Mama and Hairy Man cast magical spells, the Chorus becomes the animals or elements that have been conjured.