LWT costume designers and costume shop work notoriously hard to dress each character in each show we do just right. Despite the production the process always starts the same: RESEARCH. For some shows, such as more contemporary pieces, it's fairly simple to figure out what the characters should wear. However, for period pieces like Napoli, Brooklyn it can take a little more time and a bit of digging. Knowing that playwright Meghan Kennedy had been inspired to write Napoli, Brooklyn from stories about her own family, Costume Designer Jane Greenwood really wanted to emphasize the authenticity of the characters in the play. When Greenwood presented her research at the first rehearsal of the show she explained that she scoured the internet, books in libraries, and people's personal photos to figure out just what real people, like the Muscolinos and their neighbors, would have been wearing in Brooklyn in 1960. Likewise she encouraged the actors to look at the research and start thinking about what their characters wear and how those fashion choices might help inform their performances. Now we invite you to take a look at her visual research and get to know the world of Napoli, Brooklyn. costume design blog1950s-teens-daddle-loafer-shoes-pants1-361x500 copy (1)2015_0102_webimages_20_italianamericans - Copy - Copy       21147-C201101-Vivian-Maier-07-464e8285Nun & Friends In SurfNunziatoQfamilyITALY. Naples. 1961. Flirt on the Street M-IT-NAP-056Scan 1Scan 2Scan 4Scan 5Screen Shot 2016-10-22 at 8.02.47 PMTeenage Gangs of NYC in 1959 (9) copy (1)christmas-dinner-1959 - Copy - Copy (1)cc5572fa2d8d4fa1be9718879e02e9bb copyrivetc14d664e7a28107a3342f3162ca3e2f5 - Copy - Copy07c2e872861763b57873eef7a2d451d5 416e8a6fdde480623974427d6eb161c1women 1960