[caption id="attachment_1873" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Left: Brenna Palughi. Right: Brenna Palughi as Alicia in Small Mouth Sounds, Photo by T. Charles Erickson[/caption] It’s hard to find a moment to just be with yourself, particularly in a place as bustling as New York City. When Brenna Palughi is on the subway, she’s checking her phone for e-mails and alerts, or reading scripts as the chaos of the city swirls around here. Just coming to rehearsal in the city can strain even the calmest person. “Even getting out at Times Square … the onslaught of noise and people. It’s just exhausting,” she said. The older she gets, and the longer she lives in New York, the more important silence is to her. “I want silence now, a lot more than I did when I was young,” Palughi said. “Actually, it’s kind of a relief to communicate with the other characters and actors in silence.” Alicia, Palughi’s character in Small Mouth Sounds, is not that good at being at a silent retreat. It takes her some time to find that inner peace, Palughi said. “She does seem to have a beautiful moment, and it is just a moment, of relief from herself,” she said. Palughi expects that audiences will discover something about the silence of Small Mouth Sounds that she herself found in rehearsals. “Your ear starts to tune differently, if that makes any sense. Small sounds, you pick them up more, and they make more of an impact,” Palughi said. -Steve Scarpa