mm2_fb_announce   LWT Education is THRILLED to our second annual Moments and Minutes Festival. We’ll be featuring both alumni from last year’s event as well as brand new performers and visual artists! These talented performers represent schools from all over the area, including Betsy Ross, Davis Street, Wilbur Cross, Center for Global Studies, RJ Kinsella, Metropolitan Business Academy, Hill House, and Hamden High. Keep an eye on LWT Facebook page for MOMENT MONDAYS, where we will be profiling the performers leading up to the festival. Come support these young, vibrant voices at Long Wharf. The festival is April 12th @ 7PM. It is FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! Participants in the 2nd Annual Moments & Minutes Festival  ALUMNI
  1. Keona Gomes – “Oh Please” (Davis Street)
  2. Emmanuel Gonzalez – “Proud to be Puerto Rican” (Betsy Ross)
  3. Jamia Jones – “Untitled” (Hamden High)
  4. Sarah Skeeles – “Arise” (Hamden High)
  5. Angel Townsend – “Indignation” (Hamden High)
  6. TajMalik Chadon – Never Back Down (Hamden High)
  7. Najae McCoy – “Who Am I?” (Davis Street)
  8. Nazir Garnes – “Motherless and Fatherless” (Betsy Ross)
  1. Dianalys Bonilla – “Young and Naïve” (Metropolitan Business Academy)
  2. Beyonce Harris – “Society’s Identity” (Wilbur Cross)
  3. Maggie Luong – “Seven Year Old Me” (Center for Global Studies)
  4. Dwayne Davila – “Things I Never Told My Uncle” (Hill House)
  5. Dominique Clemons – “I am the Original Queen” (Hill House)
  6. Jonysah Bouknight – “Dream” (Hill House)
  7. Akilhi Coke – “No Emotion” (Hill House)
  8. Craig Moore – “MVP” (Davis Street)
  9. Paris Lewis – “Why Did You Go?” (Davis Street)
  10. Alexis Aponte – “Legacy of a Lonely Girl” (Davis Street)
  11. Shawn LeMay – “Cold Feet” (Davis Street)
  12. James Solomon – “Who Am I?” (Davis Street)
  13. Caleb Rutherford – “Bernstein’s Mass” (Betsy Ross)
  14. Ethan Phelan – “How Does the World See Me?”
  15. Jose Quillen – “Insecurity Breach” (Hamden High)
  1. Rebecca DeMatteo (Betsy Ross)
  2. Olivia Fengel (Brien McMahon High School)
  3. Natalia Fortuna
  4. Karen Lander (Betsy Ross)
  5. Natalie Leonffu (Betsy Ross)
  6. Maeve Martinez (RJ Kinsella)
  7. Phoebe Pardy (Betsy Ross)
  8. Natilique Quesada (Betsy Ross)
  9. Mable Rooney (Betsy Ross)
  10. Juliet Roytser (Center for Globel Studies)
  11. Lilah Smith
  12. Kiarra Torres (Betsy Ross)
Additional Moments and Minutes participants: Moments and Minutes is presented in collaboration with CCT Logo