Can you tell me your name and where you’re from? My name is Olivia Welch and I am from Wallingford. What character are you playing? Can you please describe your character in a few sentences? I’m playing A. A is kind of an abstract, mystical character. Throughout the show a lot of layers are pulled apart as to who she is. She appears in B’s back yard at the beginning of the show and both B and the audience are trying to figure out who she is and why she’s here. Is this your first time performing for young audiences? Do you think there is anything special about doing a show for young audiences? I think it is actually! Kids are really honest. What we’ve been talking about in rehearsals is that kids are just like adults in that they want honesty onstage and so we’re working on being as true as possible, even with the crazy circumstances of the show. What has been you favorite part of the rehearsal process so far? All the props we get to play with! And for me, I just get to make crazy noises and explore really fun movement styles and play with the animalistic versus humanistic. That’s what’s been really fun- just getting to play around with everything whether it be the sound, the props, or the movement. What would you say to kids coming to see the show? I would tell them to strap in, get ready to fly with us, and just enjoy!