When asked at first rehearsal how he pronounced his name, Mohit Gautam responded: “you can just call me Mo.” But ‘just Mo’ doesn’t even come close to accurately describing this newcomer to LWT.  The youngest member of the cast, Mohit is making his professional debut playing Abe, Amir’s nephew, in Disgraced. “I just graduated from Brooklyn College with my MFA in Acting and I auditioned for this part in July and got a call the next day saying that I got the role”, he says still with a slightly mind-blown look in his eye all these months later. “It’s really quite a whirlwind experience that I’m having right now”, he admits. “To be able to come right out of school and then jump right in to the professional world and to have my debut at this wonderful theatre is really something that’s remarkable.” This young actor isn’t just smiling right now because of his quick success, though. He’s genuinely enjoying embodying the role he’s been cast in. “The most exciting thing about playing Abe is that he’s my age and I relate to him on a lot of levels,” Mohit explains. “Abe is Muslim and I’m Hindu, but we both come from the same type of background. We both have traditional family values; we both have the same aspirations to be a better person, to be a more knowledgeable and giving person in society.” Mohit is no doubt thankful for the opportunity Disgraced has given him to start his career off strong, but he also recognizes the larger role this new show is playing in creating a wider opportunity for diversity in the American theatre. “Because it’s the most produced play in America right now that’s really awesome for a lot of South Asian actors who are looking for work.” You won’t want to miss seeing Mohit in action as he makes his debut in Disgraced playing through November 8th.