DDay rehearsal photo1 Read why some of the LWT staff love Discovery Day and why they're so excited for this year's event. 1. Todd Yocher, Administrative Assistant to the Artistic and Managing Directors What’s Discovery Day all about? Discovery Day is a fun family event for children of all ages and a great introduction to theater, especially behind-the-scenes. What’s your favorite part of Discovery Day? My favorite part of Discovery Day is getting kids excited about theater. Many of them are experiencing live theater for the first time, and hearing their laughter and excitement is very rewarding. What are you hoping for at this year’s Discovery Day? I’m hoping that we have a great turnout and that Mother Nature cooperates! What would you like to say to kids and their families? Forget television for one day, and come to Long Wharf Theatre for an interactive adventure. You’ll be glad you did! 2. Logan Pratt, Stage Management Resident and Event Coordinator for Discovery Day   What is Discovery Day all about? Discovery Day is all about allowing children to enter the world of a theatre and dive in to the aesthetics of how a theatre runs and the different aspects of it.  It opens up the minds and eyes of kids to explore and open up their imagination with a fun-themed day. How did you decide on The Dream Factory for this years’ theme? We loved the idea of storytelling and dreams, and somehow wanted to tie those two pieces together.  With dreams comes imagination, and having children come into a theatre and allowing them to dream and imagine anything they wanted was exciting to us. What’s your favorite part of working on Discovery Day? My favorite part on working on discovery day is being able to plan the day for kids, and trying to put myself in their shoes and remembering what I was excited about as a kid.  Tying in my own experiences with what our theme of dreams and imagination would be is like being a kid again, and we are all having a blast doing it! What has the process been like to prepare for Discovery Day? We have done a lot of collaborating of our different skill sets to make this day as great as it can be.  We go through workshops of different ideas that we have and are able to give each other feedback and help each other to make our vision come true on January 23rd.  It has been such a great process to take all of our talents and come together as one to create this great day for kids! 3. Eliza Orleans, Resident Teaching Artist   What is Discovery Day all about? Discovery Day is all about getting children and families into the theatre. A lot of the kids who come here have never been to the theater before… they’ve never seen a play before… they’ve  never been behind the scenes of a professionally-run theater. It’s really magical. I think the hope is that for a lot of the kids that come they’ll get bitten [by] the theatre bug. What’s your favorite part about Discovery Day? My favorite part about Discovery Day is actually when they leave the theater. Just the look on their faces and the souvenirs what they’ve taken away- you can really see just from when they come into the building at 9am to when they leave around 12:30, it’s transformational. What are your hopes for this year’s Discovery Day? I’m hoping it’s awesome! It’s going to be awesome. I’m hoping that we reach more kids and families than we’ve ever reached before. I hope we see new faces coming into the theater. I hope that we re-invigorate the staff and the town and the community and get everybody excited about the rest of the season. 4. Nicole Bouclier, Associate Director of Production What would you say Discovery Day is all about? Discovery Day is all about opening the theater doors to the community and inviting them in to see how theater really works and making them a part of our theatre family for the day. What are you hoping this years’ Discovery Day will bring? I love seeing just the pure joy on kids’ faces and seeing kids get introduced to theatre that may have never been in a theater- they’ve never seen all the different parts of it, all the arms and legs of theatre. I just love the energy that they bring to this building. We don’t have this youthful energy all the time. Is there anything you’d like to say to kids and families who are thinking about coming to Discovery Day? Come! You’ll have a blast and you’ll never look at theatre the same way again.