Local Equity and Non-Equity actors, ages 18+, with access to local housing are invited to audition for the 50th Anniversary 2014/2015 Season at the Tony Award-winning Long Wharf Theatre in New Haven, CT. Actors will be seen at the theatre on the following dates: EQUITY on Tuesday, May 27 and Wednesday May 28 from 10:00am to 1:30pm and 2:30pm to 6:00pm; and NON-EQUITY on Wednesday JUNE 11 and Thursday, June 12 from 10:00am to 1:30pm and 2:30pm to 6:00pm. Actors should prepare a brief modern or contemporary monologue not to exceed three minutes in length. All actors should bring a current resume and headshot. While walk-ins will be accommodated, appointments are strongly recommended and may be made beginning today by calling the Long Wharf Theatre box office (203-787-4282) between 10:00am and 5:00pm. For more information: www.longwharf.org. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. Because Long Wharf holds auditions in NYC for each production, we are especially seeking actors with access to local housing at this call.
  1. Actors will be seen by Eric Ting, Associate Artistic Director.
  1. Long Wharf will be casting for all available roles for the 2014/2015 season at these auditions (see attached list).
  1. Directions:
    1. Train: Metro North to Union Station, New Haven, CT, and take a cab to the theatre.
    2. Car: Take Exit 46 off I-95 and follow the signs
Long Wharf Theatre is casting the following roles for our 2014-2015 Season: +++++++++++++++++++++ OUR TOWN BY THORNTON WILDER. DIRECTED BY GORDON EDELSTEIN 1st REH: SEPT 8, 2014 RUNS: OCTOBER 8 - NOVEMBER 9, 2014 ** Actors of all ethnicity will be considered for these roles. ** SEEKING: STAGE MANAGER DR. GIBBS – a pleasant portly man in his 30s. JOE CROWELL – eleven years old, a paperboy. SI CROWELL – Joe’s younger brother, also a paperboy. HOWIE NEWSOME – an overalled country “character” of about 30. MRS. GIBBS – a plump peasant woman in her middle 30s. MRS. WEBB – a thin, serious, crisp little woman in her 30s. GEORGE GIBBS – male, sixteen years old. REBECCA GIBBS – female, eleven years old. WALLY WEBB – male, eleven years old. EMILY WEBB – female, sixteen years old. PROFESSOR WILLARD – a little dried-up man, nervous. MR. WEBB – a smiling, quizzical man in his late 40s. SIMON STIMSON – a long-faced “character” in his early thirties. Choir conductor. Often drunk. MRS. SOAMES – female, early 30s, the town gossip. CONSTABLE WARREN – the local policeman. SAM CRAIG – male, 30s, more citified than others in the play. JOE STODDARD – male, 60s. +++++++++++++++++++++ PICASSO AT THE LAPIN AGILE BY STEVE MARTIN DIRECTED BY GORDON EDELSTEIN 1st REH: OCT 28, 2014 RUNS: NOVEMBER 26 - DECEMBER 21, 2014 SEEKING: FREDDY – the owner and bartender of the Lapin Agile. GASTON – an older man. GERMAINE – a waitress and Freddy’s girlfriend. ALBERT EINSTEIN – male, age twenty-five. SUZANNE/ THE COUNTESS/ FEMALE ADMIRER – female,nineteen. SAGOT – Picasso’s art dealer. PABLO PICASSO – male,age twenty-three. CHARLES DABERNOV SCHMENDIMAN – a young man. THE VISITOR – a polite and talented country boy time-traveler. He is a blue-suede-shoed musician. Also known as Elvis Presley. +++++++++++++++++++++ FOREVER       BY DAEL ORLANDERSMITH DIRECTED BY NEEL KELLER 1st REH: TBD RUNS: JANUARY 2 - FEBRUARY 1, 2015 WOMAN – (This role is cast and will be played by Dael Orlandersmith) +++++++++++++++++++++ BAD JEWS BY JOSHUA HARMON DIRECTOR TBD 1st REH: JAN 20, 2015 RUNS: FEBRUARY 18 - MARCH 22, 2015 SEEKING: DAPHNA FEYGENBAUM – Female, 22, Liam & Jonah's first cousin. 2/3 body, 1/3 hair. Thick, intense, curly, frizzy, long brown hair. Hair that clogs a drain after one shower. Hair you find on pillows and in corners of the room and in your refrigerator six months after the head from which it grew last visited. Hair that could not be straightened even if you had four hours and three hairdressers double-fisting blow driers. Hair that screams: Jew. LIAM HABER – Male, 25, Daphna's cousin: his mother is the sister of Daphna's father. Wire-rim glasses. U of Chicago Asian studies Ph.D. student. Former Fulbright scholar in Japan. Has as much of a sense of humor as an overdue library book. JONAH HABER – Male, 21, Liam's younger brother. Sometime-UVM sophomore. Less lanky than his brother. Less brainy. More brawn. More heart. MELODY – Female, 24, Liam's girlfriend. Short, stick-straight blonde hair. Which she wears with a barrette. To be extra cute. Mousy. She looks like someone who would have been abducted when she was nine but returned to her parents unharmed. Works for a non-profit. +++++++++++++++++++++ brownsville song (b-side for tray) **  BY KIMBER LEE DIRECTED BY ERIC TING ** A co-production with Philadelphia Theatre Company 1st REH: FEB 24, 2015 RUNS: MARCH 25 - APRIL 19, 2015 SEEKING: LENA – Black female, late 50s – early 60s. TRAY – Black male, 18 years old. MERRELL – Korean American female, 36 years old. Recovering alcoholic. JUNIOR/ BROOKLYN COLLEGE STUDENT – Black male, 18-20 years old. +++++++++++++++++++++ THE SECOND MRS. WILSON                     BY JOE DiPIETRO DIRECTED BY GORDON EDELSTEIN 1st REH: APR 7, 2015 RUNS: MAY 6 - MAY 31, 2015 SEEKING: EDITH WILSON – The first lady of the United States. PRESIDENT WOODROW WILSON –  The 28th President of the United States. COLONEL EDWARD HOUSE –  A Texan with a Texan’s charm. 50s. Slight and sickly. DR. CARY GRAYSON –  The president’s personal physician. Late 30s. SECRETARY JOE TUMULTY –  The president’s secretary. Irish--‐American. Acerbic, loyal, a Political animal. 40s. SENATOR HARRY CABOT LODGE –  60s. Educated and literate. A powerhouse. VICE PRESIDENT THOMAS MARSHALL –  65. Rather amiable.