M4M audience blog For all of Fiasco Theater’s careful crafting and shaping of their work, they can still be surprised by the audience’s reaction to it. Noah Brody, co-artistic director of the ensemble, talks about how people have responded to Measure for Measure What we found when we were doing it is that they found it very very funny and very very moving. We would hear peals of laughter and people gagged with sobs from moment to moment. What we loved is that we would look out in the audience and see three generations of families sitting together, each enjoying it, some for the same reasons and some for different reasons. This is one of the things that Shakespeare does well - we had scholars enjoying it on one level, children enjoying it on another, and your average audience member on yet another. We didn't know what we would get but that had been our experience with Cymbeline, much to our delight and surprise.