fall 16 ss blog image Last season, during one of our post-show discussions, a patron raised their hand and commented, jokingly, “Those guys looked like they were having so much fun that I wanted to be up there with them!” This gave the Education department an idea – what if we could connect the acting classes in our Studio School program to the Long Wharf season? The result is a new class for actors 18+ called Scene Study: The Comedy of Steve Martin. Over the last few years, Steve Martin has become one of Long Wharf’s favorite playwrights. You may have seen the theatre’s previous productions of The Underpants or Picasso at the Lapin Agile. Over the course of five sessions, actors will work on scenes from some of Martin’s most famous works.  Topics will include mastering comedy and fully embodying a character. “I am excited to work on Steve Martin’s plays because his comedy tends toward the absurd,” says actress and resident teaching artist Barbara Hentschel. “We find ourselves laughing, sometimes mysteriously, because of the human behavior of the situation - not just a punch-line (although there are plenty of genius punch-lines!) We’re going to have a lot of fun!” And the most exciting part? Class participants will receive a ticket to a performance of Steve Martin’s Meteor Shower this fall at LWT. Seeing the show as a class will help students get a deeper sense of Martin’s work and invite discussion about making choices as actors. Besides this opportunity for adults, the department is also thrilled to announce a class for young actors ages 8 – 13 called An Actor’s Showcase. This class is ideal for young actors or for those in search of a creative outlet. Through games and exercises, students will learn the tools that actors need to be successful onstage and create their own theater pieces. The class culminates in a final performance for friends and family! An Actor’s Showcase will be taught by a member of the Education Department staff. If you’d like to register, check out longwharf.org/studio-school. If you have questions, please contact Eliza Orleans at eliza.orleans@longwharf.org