We've made  a change to the 2011-12 season - we are now going to present My Name is Asher Lev, by Aaron Posner and adapted from Chaim Potok’s 1972 novel. The theatre had originally scheduled the world premiere of Sophie’s Choice for May 2 through May 27. Artistic Director Gordon Edelstein is extremely pleased to be able replace Sophie’s Choice with such a quality project. “I was looking for a play with gravitas, high literary content and seriousness of purpose. Happily, I found an adaptation of a much loved and much read novel by a distinguished writer. My Name is Asher Lev is a beautiful story about the coming of age of an artist whose God given gift is in conflict with his strict religious upbringing,” Edelstein said. “The play asks timeless questions about community, God, family and artistic talent.” The play is about Asher Lev, a young man with a true artistic calling. He is torn between his deeply observant Hasidic Jewish community and the passionate need to paint. When the boy runs afoul of his family and tradition by attempting to embrace his gift, he is forced to make the difficult choice between faith and art. The play is based on the classic novel by the author of The Chosen, My Name is Asher Lev, which was written in 1972. The show has gotten wonderful reviews across the country and has been described by the Philadelphia City Paper as "A fascinating coming-of-age story seamlessly blended with a debate about the nature of art... This is a marvelous evening of theatre: intimate, sincere, magical.”