1. Name:   Nicole Lowrance 2. Any nicknames:   Red 3. Describe your character in one sentence:   SEEKING. 4. Where are you from:   Austin, TX. Hook 'em! 5. What did you want to be growing up:   I have never known anything else other than wanting to be an actor. 6. If you weren’t an actor, what would you be instead:   Sportscaster, like Verne Lundquist's career. 7. First play/ musical you ever saw:   I don't remember what it was, but it was when I was in 4th grade. It was a musical at the local high school, and I just remember the overwhelming feeling of wanting to get up on that stage.  8. Do you remember you’re first time on stage:   It was in 1st grade and we did a short children's play called One-Eyed, Two-Eyed, and Three-eyed.  I was cast as One-Eyed and I really wanted to play Two-Eyed - the lead. I spent most of the play upstaging like crazy. I have learned since then to be more professional... 9. Favorite play/ musical:   I don't have a favorite play - I have favorite performances. Most recently - Steven Boyer in Hand to God. What he is doing is unbelievably amazing. 10. Favorite role ever played:   Hands down - Emma in Curse of the Starving Class at A.C.T. in San Francisco. 11. Dream role:   It hasn't been written yet... 12. Performers (living or dead) you most admire:   I have gravitated towards Shirley Maclaine,  Mandy Patinkin, Micheal Shannon, Laurie Metcalf, Amy Morton, Steven Boyer, Tracey Letts, Paxton Whitehead, and John Douglas Thompson. 13. Most unforgettable show you’ve ever been in or seen:   I have to say The Flick was pretty extraordinary. Wallace Acton as Hamlet was stellar. Watching Patti LuPone is electric. I have a deep admiration for anything Steppenwolf. 14. Favorite costume you’ve ever worn:   My cowboy shirt, Wrangler jeans, leather chaps, and Justin boots in Curse of the Starving Class gave me my best strut. 15.   Most unique prop you’ve ever encountered:   Protective Butt Pads for all the spanking that was required in Robert Askin's Permission at M.C.C. 16. Something you’re REALLY bad at:   I can't sing to save my life! I so wish I could! 17. Any superstitions or rituals as a performer:   I have to kiss the stage before every performance. 18. Favorite pre- or post-show meal:   I get too nervous before a show to eat anything interesting, but I always want to tear into a burger after a show! 19.What book is currently on your nightstand:   Euphoria by Lily King. 20. Most played song on your phone/ iPod right now:   Shake it Out by Florence and the Machine. 21. TV show you have to keep up with:   Most recently, I loved the acting in Bloodline on Netflix. So, so good. 22. Have you been to LWT or New Haven before:   No - its my debut to both! 23. Why do you think our readers should see Disgraced: It will make you talk about it long, long after you leave the theater. What a gift to be provoked into to such stimulating topics as Disgraced asks us to explore.