Despite the questions surrounding Edith Wilson’s role in the presidency while her husband was ill, a woman has never officially held the office of the President of the United States, at least in this universe. TV and film have been portraying women in the oval office since before a remotely viable female candidate even showed up on the scene in the real world.         Then in the new millennium came a flood of women in the White House.   Prison Break Female President Long Wharf Theatre         Today you can watch any number of shows focused on women ascending to the oval office.         It seems the idea of a female president is not just a subject reserved for the evening news or CNN. Hollywood is fascinated with writing stories about this possibility and as an audience we've shown no signs of becoming disinterested anytime soon. So flip on the TV or log in to Netflix to check out any number of fictional women who are or want to be commander and chief. Better yet, come to The Second Mrs. Wilson to see the story of a real life woman who might actually have been our first woman president. - Kimberly Shepherd