For many long time theatre-goers, the spark that lit their theatrical fire didn’t necessarily come from sitting in an audience – it came in a classroom, learning just how exciting making theatre can be.

LWT EducationLong Wharf Theatre is committed to fanning that flame through a variety of programs intended to deepen the theatrical experience for students, teachers and others looking to cultivate their inner thespian.

In addition to the intangible benefits of theatre training – creating poise, confidence and self-awareness – Long Wharf Theatre’s education programs promote comprehension, interpretation, and evaluation - all vital skills for both Connecticut Mastery and Academic Performance Tests.


  • To encourage students' self-exploration through plays that examine the major issues of our time as well as the eternal commonalities of human life.
  • To empower students to seek self-directed learning opportunities.
  • To engage students who are considered at-risk, low-achieving, or not otherwise challenged in their academic situation to make a reciprocal investment in the learning process.
  • To help teachers master dramatic interpretation in order to enhance the learning potential of their students.
  • To nurture the intellectual and leadership capacity of teachers.
  • To integrate arts techniques into general classroom curricula.
  • To involve both students and teachers in the study and understanding of dramatic text, as well as the process of theatrical production.
  • To build strong, sustained relationships between artists and teachers.